The Rainy Season

It is spring, and for us that usually means lots of rain. The last two years we have gotten over six inches of rain each March, and in 2017 and 2018 we got over five inches in that time period. The wet conditions always make spring planting dicey, and has made growing things like potatoes and onions that need early planting quite difficult. This year March started off with rain, and with another soaking we got last night we now have almost 4 inches of rain already. For the last ten years I have been collecting precipitation data for CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network), so the data I have is for our garden specifically and not just our area in general.

CoCoRaHS rain gauge

In addition to the rain, another sign of spring is the daffodils blooming. Several patches of them were planted here when we moved in, and we have added a few ourselves. These short stemmed ones are always the first to bloom.

daffodils blooming in front yard

I can see one bunch blooming outside the window from my computer desk. It reminds me of the aluminum plant where I used to work that had hundreds of daffodils that were planted on the acreage and allowed to naturalize. It was a sight to see when they were all blooming.

daffodils outside my window

My wife has planted a selection of hellebores that are also starting to bloom now. She has a variety of colors and shapes planted, including those with double and single flowers. Many of the plants are still small but they are doing well where we have them.

double hellebore

The rain is keeping the winter greens growing, and they are making new growth with the warmer temperatures and longer days of spring. I have kale and collards growing in the vegetable garden, and they have kept us well supplied with greens all through the fall and winter months. They will begin blooming before long, but we will keep eating them as long as we can.

collards and kale

I hope you have enjoyed this March update, and I’ll be back with more happenings soon.


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  1. carolee says:

    NO rain to measure up here near Muncie. We had a bit of drizzle for a few minutes but it barely dampened the deck! The driest March so far in 150 years!!!

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