Photo Friday: Cat Tales

I thought I would take a break from gardening and share a few cat photos today. Cat lovers will know that cats spend a lot of time sleeping, sometimes in creative places. We have several cat beds throughout the house, but who needs a bed when you have a chair with a soft pillow?

Penny sleeping in chair

When Ally sleeps in a chair she keeps the TV remote handy in case she wants to watch.

Ally in chair

If a chair is not available, a cardboard box works well too.

Ally in box

My wife’s studio is full of exciting places to sleep and play. Her cutting table makes for a good observation post for Penny.

Penny on table

When not sleeping, Ally and Penny do enjoy playing together often. I caught them taking a break one day and watching me working outside.

Penny and Ally at door

It’s been three months since we said goodbye to our Puddin. She is still much missed around here. This is one of my last photos of her, on the floor with Ally.

Ally and Puddin on floor

I hope you have enjoyed this cat pics, and I’ll be back soon with more happenings from Happy Acres

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5 Responses to Photo Friday: Cat Tales

  1. Carolyn Blakeney says:

    Yep, cats and sewing. When I go into my studio my tortie is right behind me and on the table in a flash. She thinks if she moves really, really slowly I can’t see her making her way over to the cutting mat where I am trying to cut or sort fabric!

  2. Li Ann t says:

    Thanks for sharing! Wish I had one to hug right now.

  3. Sweet kitties. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Margaret says:

    I do love cat pics – they always make me smile and utter the inevitable “awwww” 🙂

  5. I’m a sucker for a good cat photo, we only have two cats left now, brother and sister and quite the characters and yes, they do sleep a lot!

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