Another Greenhouse Update

The new greenhouse is up and ready to use, and I’ve been putting the finishing touches on it the last couple of weeks. The old house was 8×12 feet, and the new one is 8×16 feet which gives me more room for the planting beds and the shelves I use to hold seedlings. I’ve got most of the beds planted now with things that will overwinter in the greenhouse like kale, parsley and purple sprouting broccoli. And I’ve got lettuce and other salad greens that will be ready to plant in a few days.

inside look of the new greenhouse

I grew purple sprouting broccoli in the beds last winter, and they gave us our first ever taste of homegrown PSB. We liked it so well I planted even more of it this year, and the plants have taken off already after setting out. The varieties I’m growing are Rudolph, Santee, and Burgundy. I’ve been growing kale in the winter greenhouse for years, and it should give us greens to eat in winter plus rapini in early spring when the plants start flowering.

purple sprouting broccoli plant

I’m using rubber pavers for the inside of the greenhouse. I found they are much easier on the feet and legs than the concrete ones I used the first time around. They are also easy to install, if a tad more expensive. I’ve got the bench and table sitting on concrete pavers to give them more height, which I’ve found makes it easier on my back  when working on potting and transplanting chores.

rubber pavers on floor of greenhouse

One new addition to the greenhouse is a wall mounted ventilation fan. I had been using a much smaller one that sat on the shelf and was always falling down. This one is much larger, moves more air, and I mounted it up high on the back wall where it should be out of harm’s way. It will help move the air as the greenhouse heats up, which it does even in winter when it’s cold outside.

wall-mounted ventilation fan

Now I’ve been working on the outside, doing landscaping around the perimeter. I put down landscape fabric first, then covered with a cyprus bark mulch. And I put a few of the rubber pavers at the front to give me a well-defined entrance.

greenhouse with landscaping

My next task will be to get the outside potting bench in place. I plan to sit it on concrete pavers, with landscape fabric underneath to help keep down the inevitable weeds. I have a few rubber pavers left over which I will put down in front of the bench where I stand. I moved a couple of the concrete pavers into position which you can see in the below photo. The ground is really uneven though, so my first task will be to level it up a bit. It doesn’t have to be perfectly level, just a bit more so than it is at the moment.

side of greenhouse where potting bench will sit

I hope you have enjoyed this update on the greenhouse project, and I’ll be back soon with more happenings from Happy Acres!

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7 Responses to Another Greenhouse Update

  1. It’s looking very nice, it sure does make a difference to have a nice space to retreat to in winter, for us and the plants. I’m fortunate that PSB thrives outdoors here, but I have a few plants in the polytunnel for an early harvest. I’m jealous that you have electricity! although having doors at both ends and the ability to open and close the door vents too I don’t need a fan, but I would like a fan heater and grow lights! I too appreciate a soft surface for the floor, I was lucky to get cheap carpet runners that sit on top of landscape fabric, they are great for kneeling on : All the best – Steve

    • Dave @ HappyAcres says:

      I have an extension cord running to the greenhouse to give me electricity. That also lets me use a small heater on the coldest winter nights. The carpet runners do sound like a good choice, something I would have never thought of!

  2. shaheen says:

    Hi Dave, the greenhouse looks fantastic. I like the natural colouring. PSB is delicious, we have grown it outside successfully in past years, but i never got round to sowing any this year cos of the pesky butterflies demolishing all my brassicas. Rubber pavers are interesting, i had not heard of them before, but they do make sense. Best of luck. Oh sorry not been participating in Harvest Monday as I have been busy with work.

  3. Margaret says:

    That greenhouse is awesome! And how wonderful that you got it up and running this year. I love “re-doing” things that I’ve done in the past as it gives us the opportunity to do all those tweaks that make a big difference. I’m going to be replacing some of my rotting beds and am excited to do just that.

  4. Sue Garrett says:

    It’s looking fabulous,

  5. Teresa says:

    Love it. This is very similar to what I am planning for my first 12×20 greenhouse. I envisioned work benches on the north side with raised beds on the south. Your pictures prove it’s a great idea. We used pvc pipe, wood pallets and 6 ml plastic for my greenhouse (trying to build on a budget).

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