Broccoli Dreams, Meet Broccoli Reality

The other night I had a dream about harvesting broccoli from our garden. In my dream I had given up on it ever producing anything. But I was pleasantly surprised when I found that nice, large green heads had been hiding out under cover of some kind of weed. Yes! Let’s hear it for fresh broccoli!

dream broccoli (click on any image to enlarge)

dream broccoli (click on any image to enlarge)

Then, I woke up. It was just a dream, I told myself. But what did it mean? If it meant anything, that is. I don’t usually even remember my dreams, and when I do I don’t really try and assign any meanings to them. But this time, just for fun, I did search online and see if dreaming about broccoli had any significance – at least for those who believe in such things.

One common interpretation is that to dream about broccoli is to be in need of spiritual nourishment. While I guess everyone’s spirit could always use a bit more nourishment, I do believe mine is pretty well fed at the moment. So I kept on searching. And then I read somewhere that if you are growing broccoli in your dreams, happy family times are forecast. Since I liked that one, I stopped looking for any further meaning, at least online.

early March snow

early March snow

My wife always says that the best interpreter of dreams is the dreamer. So if you want to know what I really think, it’s that yours truly is ready for winter to be over and for the weather to settle down and warm up so I can get some things planted. But like the above photo shows, winter still has its grip on us here in Southern Indiana. Which is not really a bad thing, especially after last year when we really didn’t have a winter and summer was a real bear with heat and drought the norm.

broccoli seedling ready for transplanting

broccoli seedling ready for transplanting

Back in the real world, the current state of any broccoli here is a long way from harvest. I do have about 50 little seedlings growing under lights in the basement, and they are looking good and about ready to be transplanted into larger quarters. Those plants are destined for planting here and at the Impact Community Garden.  Ideally they should be planted in our area from mid-March to mid-April. Last year it was still early April before we could get them in the ground, despite the mild winter and early arrival of spring. I guess there’s no need for me to be impatient.

So what about you? Are you dreaming about spring too, at least those of you in the Northern Hemisphere? I’ll be back with more later this week. Until then, Happy Growing and Sweet Dreams!

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15 Responses to Broccoli Dreams, Meet Broccoli Reality

  1. Marcia says:

    Yes, dreaming of spring and warmer temps here. No seeds started yet but then I don’t start spring crops inside just the summer ones and in the past I’ve done it too early and they get leggy and root bound. No snow on the ground but March winds at 25+ mph makes it very cold outside – too cold to be doing anything garden wise. I’ll just enjoy the sun through the window and ream of warmth.

  2. I’m not dreaming about broccoli, I’m picking it! Last fall I pulled all the old plants except one. It had such a huge trunk (yes, I called it my broccoli tree) I couldn’t budge it, so I cut it back as far as I could and left it. It survived the winter, and last week I picked a
    1-1/2″ side shoot from it. I noticed yesterday it was putting out several more! Next fall I won’t be pulling out the broccoli plants, I’ll see if they also overwinter.

  3. Bee Girl says:

    Lol…I do dream of the garden! This time of year is slightly tortuous for me! I long for more snow and *water* but I am conflicted by the Spring Fever that has grabbed me!

  4. Mike R says:

    I don’t know about broccoli dreams but I certainly dream about the start of spring that makes broccoli a reality. The weather report points to this Thursday as the day winter loses its grip and it can’t arrive quickly enough. You just can’t trust those groundhogs anymore.

  5. Liz says:

    I dreamt about lemon cucumbers the other day. I wonder if there are seperate interpretations for different cucumber varieties. Your photos are really beautiful today. I particularly love the shot of the seedling.

  6. Barbara Good says:

    I love garden dreams!! Especially when you find hidden harvests. Being one if those people that seem to have a lot of dreams and tend to remember them, so I’ve had several gardening ones. As for dreaming of spring and warmer weather…. NO! As we lurch into yet another long stretch of 30+ degrees (Celsius) days with no end in sight and no rain I am hanging out for dark evenings and cooler days (even cold nights would be good, but then we never get that cold here in Melbourne).

    I must say your garden looks delightful with that light dusting of snow, but I bet your hanging to get your hands in the dirt.

    • Dave says:

      I can imagine you all are ready for a break from the heat, though I wouldn’t mind some of that Melbourne weather again.

      The snow is pretty to look at, but too cold for me to enjoy!

  7. Norma Chang says:

    Dreaming of spring. Unfortunately winter storm saturn is heading our way and forecast for the next 3 days is rain/snow showers/wind.

  8. bunkie says:

    and here i thought you were gonna tell us bout broccoli makes better heads in shade!!! :O) looking forward to some spring weather soon, too!

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