Photo Friday: Snow Scenes and Cold Frames

After two years with practically no snow at all, the last couple of weeks have seen everything here covered with a blanket of the white stuff. It’s pretty to look at, especially when you haven’t seen it for a while.

snowy view from screened porch (click on any image to enlarge)

snow covered trees

herb garden

I had to make some repairs to my cold frame covers after the first wet snow on Christmas evening. I put on new row cover material, and did a better job of securing it to the cold frame cover.

row of cold frames

So far, they have held up.

cold frame cover stayed on after dumping snow

You can see in the below photo how I wrapped the material around the edge of the frame and stapled it securely.

material stapled to underside of framing

I’ll close with a few more photos of the snow scenes here. The whole landscape sure looks different when covered in a blanket of snow.

asparagus bed covered in snow

blackberry and blueberry patch

beehive before I cleared the snow away

deer tracks in snow

young deer stands out in snow

our stone reappears

and the snow disappears

I hope you all have enjoyed looking at some of the snowy scenes here at Happy Acres. Happy Friday to you all!

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9 Responses to Photo Friday: Snow Scenes and Cold Frames

  1. Daphne says:

    It looks so pretty in the snow. Last year we got no snow at all, but two years ago we were buried in snow that set some records. When shoveling we had no place to put it in our tiny yard. Our little street doesn’t get well plowed either and the ice built up. It damaged my townhouse mates car underneath. I wish our road drained better, but sadly not. We also didn’t get a thaw during the winter so all that ice stayed around for the whole winter. Ick! I’m hoping for a normal winter this year. Not that I’m sure what normal is with such disparate samples.

    • Dave says:

      I’m not sure what a normal winter is anymore. Last year it didn’t get that cold, and we had less than 1″ of snow. This year we’ve had some snow, but it still hasn’t gotten very cold.

  2. Patsy says:

    Your snow pictures are beautiful for sure. Last winter was so mild for us but the year before was more snow than we’d seen in a long time. Hope this year isn’t going to be like that, but we are covered with a white blanket now and it’s a lot colder than last year.

  3. kitsapFG says:

    Gorgeous pictures. You live in a beautiful location. No snow here but that is not unusual for us. Actually the opposite is true… when we get snow the whole area shuts down in a panic. Makes me laugh as I lived on the east side and central portion of the state for much of my life and it snows ALOT there and is very cold. I guess it all depends on what you are used to.

    I hope you are enjoying the quiet of the dark days of winter.

  4. Liz says:

    The blog i read immediately prior to this was talking about how many of their plants have been scorched by excessive heat and then this beautiful winter scene. Deer are beautiful creatures aren’t they? Whislt i love our kangaroos they don’t really have the majesty that deer have.

  5. Norma Chang says:

    The snow covered trees photo is my favorite. I have deer tracks all over my backyard. Can see where the deer are trying to get to the fenced in azealeas and mountain laurels. Hope they do not push down the fence.

  6. Judy Sall says:

    We haven’t had too much snow so far this season, but the temps have stayed low so the snow is taking it’s time melting. Re your cold frames – I had one built a couple of years ago, and the contractor used fiberglass to cover it, and a hook to secure it from the wind. It has held up very well so far. Enjoy the snow!

    • Dave says:

      I have used fiberglass before also. It is a good, sturdy material for winter use, but it can overheat quickly if you don’t open the lid.

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