Photo Friday: Cat Napping

Oh to be a cat. In addition to the whole 9 lives thing, you get to sleep most of the time. And at Happy Acres, you get to sleep in lots of interesting places. Dusty likes to sleep on the floor of my wife’s office area (aka The Woman Cave).

Dusty sound asleep in Woman Cave (click on any image to enlarge)

It appears this time he was looking at the Walter Kelley beekeeping catalog, and fell fast asleep. His sidekick and BFF Puddin is usually not far away from him.

Pudding sleeping nearby Dusty

Sometimes what’s on the floor makes a good sleeping spot. Like this shopping bag, for instance.

Dusty in shopping bag

Excuse me, I'm trying to sleep here!

We’ve always wondered if either of them ever got online on one of our computers, perhaps to order catnip or visit a cat-chat room. Now we have the evidence.

Puddin using computer

I was just leaving!

It’s safe to say there is always something interesting going on when you have pets, and our two cats are no exception. Have a happy Friday!

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3 Responses to Photo Friday: Cat Napping

  1. Robin says:

    Those kit-kats sure do have the life! You better check the history on the computers. Who knows what they are up to!

  2. GrafixMuse says:

    I love the pictures of Puddin on the keyboard. Among the many things I had to adjust to when I began working from home is the frequent visits from the two cats of our household. I set up a chair in my home office for sleeping kitties and there is always someone in it. Now that I think of it, I believe we have a “kitty chair” in almost every room.

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