Quilting Cat? And A Giveaway

I had no idea our new cat Dusty was interesting in quilting, but the other day I saw him checking out the latest issue of Quilting Arts. It was on the floor in the Woman Cave, which is a favorite hangout for him.

Dusty checking out Quilting Arts magazine (click on any image to enlarge)

It’s possible he’s looking at the magazine because he knows my wife has an article about Spin Art in the current issue. It’s her second time to be published in this magazine, which is pretty exciting. And yours truly got to serve as “action photographer” to capture some images of her and her process. I’ll let my photos help describe what she does.

It starts with a Lite Brite Paint Spinner. She puts cloth or paper on the spinner first.

putting paper on spinner

Then she starts it spinning, and adds paint. For this one she starts with green.

adding green paint

Then she adds purple.

adding purple paint

The finished product is wild looking!

spin art paper ready for transfer

This paper was transferred to cloth while the paint was still wet. Then the cloth can be used to create unique pieces of art.

paint is transferred to cloth

You can see more of her beautiful Spin Art creations HERE. Lynda is doing a giveaway of one copy of the magazine. So head over to Bloom, Bake & Create if you’re interested and leave a comment.

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