Spring Is Popping Up

Right on schedule, maybe two days behind last year, a true sign that spring has really arrived at Happy Acres.

asparagus spear shooting up from the ground

It’s always eagerly awaited. Greens are nice, but this will be a nice change, a transition into things to come.

more asparagus spears

I think that last one is ready for harvest.

this one's ready

Excuse me while I get the butter ready, or maybe the grill. I see asparagus in my future!

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5 Responses to Spring Is Popping Up

  1. Mike says:

    Lucky you! We forage for a large part of our asparagus but with the rainiest weather since 1916 our wild asparagus is under a good 4-5′ of river water still. Maybe the small patch in our garden will produce a little better this year. Enjoy your asparagus.:)

  2. Congratulations! It looks like until your other spears grow a little, you’re going to have to thumb-wrestle for that one! 😉

  3. Robin says:

    Oh lucky you!!! I’m going to have to wait two years for mine 🙁

  4. Daphne Gould says:

    Oh how nice. I’m planting this year. I’ve never had enough room for it before.

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