Decking The Halls

We’re a little behind in our Christmas decorating, but today was the day we cleared our schedules and devoted a little time to getting Happy Acres in the Holiday Spirit. We put on some Christmas music to listen to while we decorated. And of course,  age-appropriate headgear was in order.

We decorated trees, including the real one we got from the local tree farm.

And the artificial one on the mantel.

We set up Nativity scenes.

We used new ornaments, like this one I made last year.

2009 ornament

And old ones, like this one almost as old as I am.

treasured ornament from a Christmas Past

The cats mostly slept. Sidd couldn’t be bothered to help.

don’t even THINK of putting those antlers on me!

Even the normally curious Puddin slept through most of it.

wake me when something interesting happens

We took our time and enjoyed ourselves. We stopped for a bite of lunch. And some seasonal sweets.

Then we hung more ornaments. It’s become a tradition for me to make a new ornament (or two) every year. This is the one I made for our first year at HA, a painted and beribboned egg shaped gourd.

It was great to be inside on a cold and snowy day. And a good time was truly had by all. Now I need to get ready and start making the 2010 ornament(s)!

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7 Responses to Decking The Halls

  1. Robin says:

    It looks like the two of you had a great time decorating your home! I see you had some very nutritional treats while you were decorating 🙂 Our house looks decorated from the outside…but, the inside has yet to be done. I guess we better get our rears in gear!

  2. meemsnyc says:

    What a fun post! The trees look fantastic! And so do all those decorations. I think it’s awesome that you make ornaments as a tradition. Great fun!

    • Villager says:

      I have been making ornaments since I was a child. My mother and several aunts made them too, so I have a nice collection of ornaments now.

  3. Thomas says:

    Sounds like my idea of fun. I can’t believe you’ve kept that ornament all these years. That’s so awesome!

  4. How fun that you have so many ornaments from season’s past. I’d actually think that Sidd and Puddin sleeping through the festivities is a good thing. We had a rather large cat once that insisted on climbing the tree the second we put it up, and would eat the needles off the branches (even if the tree was fake), and bat the ornaments across the floor (all ornaments are now securely tied to the trees with decorative ribbon). Thankfully our current cat is a napper too! 😛

    • Villager says:

      There are surely worse things than sleeping cats! 🙂 Our problem child, Shel, decided to pee on the tree skirt last year. So this year we skipped putting it down. I have friends who can never put presents under the tree because their cats would rip them all up! We have tried to make our decorations cat-proof this year. We will see!

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