Rest and Rain

This has been a busy week here at Happy Acres – busier than usual, and that’s saying something! But last night we got much needed rain, and today I am trying to get some much needed rest. I won’t be able to rest for very long though.

For one thing, harvest season is in high gear. We’re harvesting the church garden 3 times a week, getting 25-30 pounds of squash and cukes every time. We slogged through the mud this morning, one of those times when you have to be careful that the mud doesn’t suck your shoes right off your feet! I had to hose down our shoes when we got back home. At least we remembered to take a 2nd pair of shoes. Last time we harvested in the mud I had to drive home barefoot.

The green beans there are blooming and it won’t be long before the tomatoes start to get ripe. I don’t even want to think about the acre of sweet corn we planted! Don’t get me wrong, the project is going well and I am glad I took the initiative last year to get it all started. I just need a little break.

And at home it seems everything is coming on at once. The kitchen island is a resting place for whatever comes in, and this week that has included a lot of tomatoes. My wife dehydrated the first batch of cherry tomatoes this week. We’re freezing blueberries and blackberries galore. The summer squash plants are seemingly in overdrive, plus there are beans to pick, shallots to dig, yada yada yada – if you have a garden I’m sure you get the picture!

We had friends in town this week, here to plan for their retirement home (2 doors down from us), and our schedule included a 4th of July cookout here plus a few dinners out. Eating out actually gave me a break from cooking, which was nice, and gave us time to visit and our friends time to sample some of the eateries around town. Yesterday we went to our favorite falafel place and I got my fill of fine falafels (say that three times fast!).
So now I am ready to relax for a bit. There is a lounger on the porch with my name on it. I’ve got a book I want to read, and today seems like a good time to get started on it.

Now I just hope I can keep my eyes open long enough to actually read!

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5 Responses to Rest and Rain

  1. Rest yourself. You deserve it 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m so impressed, Villager. I didn’t realize the church garden was your baby. Congratulations on its success so far!

    Those dried cherry tomatoes look so good — but then, so does the lounger. Any chance you could have a little of both in one day? 😉

  3. johanna says:

    Hope that rest lasted for more than the 5 minutes that I get before I think of something that I am supposed to do.

  4. Lexa says:

    Rest- you deserve a day off. Everything will be there tomorrow, plus a few new things! Actually, I thought that was what January & February were for:)

  5. Enjoy your well deserved rest! I’ve really got to try dehydrating some tomatoes this year…it’s looking like we might be swamped with fruit soon!

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