Can You Picnic?

Desiring a chance to briefly get away from it all, my wife and I went on a little picnic yesterday to Lincoln State Park, which is about an hour drive away from Happy Acres.

Weekday picnics are something we really enjoy doing. We usually avoid the big crowds that go on weekends, though yesterday it looked like someone was having an 8th grade picnic in one of the areas. We just moved on to another area, and had it all to ourselves.

the table is set

My wife made her curried chicken salad (which is a favorite of mine) and I made some warm potato salad with arugula. We also took sliced kohlrabi and some herbed yogurt dip to go with it. Our usual quilt tablecloth was dirty, but our trusty reusable plastic one was handy so we used it. And yes, we had cloth napkins, which we use all the time at home. Just because it’s a picnic doesn’t mean you can’t have amenities!

Picnics are sort of a tradition with us, since we went to Harmonie State Park on our 3rd date.  She was expecting cold fried chicken and baked beans that day, and instead got a gourmet lunch of smoked salmon on mixed baby greens with orzo/garbanzo salad. Since then, we’ve been on several picnics a year together.

Yesterday was a nice cool spring day, and we had a good time with our lunch. As always, we took photos to document the event, including our obligatory “people taking pictures of each other taking pictures”. Did I mention we like to have fun?

photos ops

After lunch, we put the top down on the Miata and enjoyed a nice leisurely drive home, stopping first at Robins Nest to shop for some plants. We couldn’t buy too many because the trunk is tiny. Lynda bought a nice Echinacea and had to ride it home on her lap!

no shortage of parking spaces

We did make another stop at the Tastee Freez for some sherbet. Their specialty is a twist cone with both orange and pineapple sherbet. It’s their own recipe, and it was so yummy we didn’t even stop to take a photo! Oh, well maybe next time – and there WILL be a next time if I know us.

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3 Responses to Can You Picnic?

  1. Robin says:

    What a nice day for the two of you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Meredith says:

    That is so charming, Villager! The detail of the cloth napkins is wonderful. And snapping pictures of each other snapping pictures is so cute. I only hope my retired life comes anywhere close. 🙂

  3. debsgarden says:

    Lucky woman to catch a man that can cook! And a romantic one who enjoys a picnic! No doubt one of the reasons for your long, successful marriage.

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