Show Us Your Forks!

A good garden fork is a thing to behold. I got this one a few years back after I had broken the ash handle on my last fork. This time I opted for fiberglass. Nothing like an unbreakable handle for some serious forking!

Mine is not quite as new or shiny as Dan’s fork he got from Lee Valley. And mine is certainly not as charming as Annie’s Granny’s. But it gets the job done.

I’ll admit, I have been jonesing for this compost fork from Lee Valley. It seems a bit much to pay for a fork to turn compost with, so I imagine I’ll keep on using what I have for the time being.

What about everyone else – what’s yours look like? Big or little, shiny or rusty, we’d love to see YOURS too!

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3 Responses to Show Us Your Forks!

  1. Yipee! Another member of The Garden Fork Club! Pictures saved for the next collage. I’m going to redo mine, as I look like I have four arms in my current one (shadows). Or….I could keep the one with four arms, and tell The Idiot Gardener that’s how I get so much work done in the garden 😉

  2. We actually need a new fork. I shelled out $50 at the beginning of this season on a fiberglass one that broke the first day we used it (and FTR we don’t have heavy clay soil). I returned it to get a more expensive ash handled one and it’s already showing a lot of stress. I am always in search of good tools that will last a long time.

    • Villager says:

      I can’t even remember what brand the fork is. It has held up so far, but time will tell how “unbreakable” it really is.

      One of my favorite tools is a swan hoe I’ve had for many years now. It has an ash handle and has been used so much the handle is well worn.

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