And Then There Were Four

While it may be a bit premature to up the cat counter here at Happy Acres, we are pretty sure we have a new resident. We’ve seen this one cat hanging around for about a year now, but were unsure if it had a home or not.

About a month ago, we discovered it had been sleeping in our outside “cathouse”, which is a 2-story lodging I made years ago for my outside farm cats. The house had been empty since Scout (the great grey hunter) passed on, but it is empty no more. Or at least it is being put to some use.

Scout aka Great Grey Hunter

Scout (aka Great Grey Hunter)

We called this new one Callie, since from a distance it looked like a calico. Upon closer inspection it might be better named Tortie, but the name Callie stuck.

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, but they were shot through the window in my wife’s office as we saw the cat amble across the yard, then get up on the a/c unit. Looks like the fence needs some paint too!

should I stay or should I go?

should I stay or should I go?

We were watching just a few feet away, while I quietly took these photos.

I'm not sure, I think I'll sit on the fence

I’m not sure, I think I’ll sit on the fence

Her coat is amazingly clean for an outdoor cat. I’ll bet there’s more fur than cat at this point, if she has truly been living outside on her own.

what a pretty girl am I!

what a pretty girl am I!

We’re keeping her fed now, putting the food inside the cat house so it’s safe from roaming dogs. Hopefully she is not going to be With Kitten soon. We really don’t need a bunch of wild kittens. We’d like to get her to a vet, but so far she’s as wild as can be. Every time I try and get close to her she runs off. Hopefully she will soften up with time.

It looks like she is already hard at work on varmint control. Yesterday we found a dead mole on the walkway between the blackberries and blueberries. We’ve seen her on the hunt, waiting patiently crouched in one spot, so we’re going to give her credit. I’m not surprised she didn’t eat it, because supposedly moles have a repulsive taste that dogs and cats don’t like.

Now I wonder if she could be persuaded to get after the voles?

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2 Responses to And Then There Were Four

  1. What a beautiful little girl! I think she’s a keeper 😉

  2. azahar says:

    She’s lovely! What a fabulous face. My first choice at the cat shelter was a tortoiseshell but she was already spoken for. But as you know, I am very happy with my little Loki.

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