Harvest Monday, March 8, 2010

This week’s harvest added some baby spinach to the mix. I made a wilted spinach salad with some hot balsamic vinaigrette, orange sections and walnuts.

baby spinach harvest

The spinach was harvested when I did the final thinning from one of the greenhouse beds. I have more thinning to do, so we’ll have that to eat next week perhaps. When I thin spinach the first time I always leave it a bit close together so I can eat some later when I do the final thinning.

unthinned spinach

I also harvested more Golden Yellow pak choi, tatsoi, and various lettuces. Total haul for the week was 2.11 lbs. I have created a table with this year’s harvest totals and put it on its own page. That should make tracking a bit easier.

dark green tatsoi

This weekend I took advantage of the sunshine and warmer temps and worked on the cold frame beds. I harvested all the lettuce that was left, and replanted. The larger cold frame now has lettuce and spinach, while the smaller one is planted with curly endive and radicchio.

cold frame with lettuce seedlings and spinach

cold frame with endive and radicchio

The harvests are starting to pick up here, and it won’t be long before the first asparagus is ready. That will be a true sign of spring!

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