Harvest Monday, March 1, 2010

After reading about other gardeners and their Harvest Mondays for a while now, I have decided to join in with my own harvests. Every Monday over at Daphne’s Dandelions folks link to posts about their weekly harvests. Thanks to Daphne for hosting this fun event. It’s great to see how others are doing!

Our harvest this week was small but tasty. I had some lovely Golden Yellow pak choi and some dark green Tatsoi I picked. They went into a stir fry, along with a few mushrooms from the frig that needed to be used up.

pak choi and tatsoi

I also harvested some Simpson Elite and Multy lettuces from the greenhouse and cold frame. They will go into salads later this week. A bit of red lettuce would certainly have made for a more photogenic bowl of salad greens, but the reds all need a bit more time to size up. I’ll give them a few more days.

Simpson Elite and Multy lettuces

All total this week’s harvest weighed 1.4lbs, which is a small but nice bit of greenery to round out our meals. At this time of year every bit of fresh homegrown food is welcome, when we’ve been eating mostly veggies from the freezer and root cellar for about 5 months.

I am trying to clear out some space and make room for the seedlings I started in late January. They were started in a plug flat, and transplanted into cell paks about 3 weeks ago. They spent most of their time under fluorescent lights, and are now hardened off and ready for planting as soon as I have space for them.

lettuce seedlings ready to be planted

The weather is supposed to warm up a bit this week so I hope to be able to start planting these little babies in the cold frame bed as the ground thaws and stays thawed for a change. That will put me a few days ahead of last year’s planting. I’ve got so many seedlings ready that I may plant them more closely than normal and then harvest the thinnings as baby lettuce. I’ve already got spinach coming up in that bed, so we’re off to a good start on our March and April salads.

Be sure and stop by Daphne’s Dandelions and check out the other harvest reports there!

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8 Responses to Harvest Monday, March 1, 2010

  1. michelle says:

    I love that Golden Yellow Pak Choi, I never seen that color before. It looks so pretty paired with the dark green Tatsoi. And your lettuce seedlings look so happy and raring to go!

  2. I’m with Michelle, I haven’t seen golden yellow pak choi too but what a delightful contrast with the dark leafed tatsoi. I miss garden fresh salad. That looks delicous.

  3. Your lettuces look absolutely delicious. I may need to have salad for lunch now ;^)

  4. Villager says:

    Michelle and O.G., the Golden Yellow pak choi came from Kitazawa Seed. It’s different from most of the other pak choi’s I grow in that it makes more leaves than stems, which I think makes it nice for stir fries or adding to soups. It has a mild flavor, and it did pair well with the tatsoi. Thanks to you both for stopping by!

    Noelle, we must be thinking alike because we had some of that very lettuce for lunch here at HA. 🙂

  5. Daphne says:

    I’m a really big fan of Asian green so I love your pak choy. It is a great color too. It makes a good color contrast with the tatsoi. I’ll be growing a lot of Asian greens too, but not the pretty yellow green color you have.

  6. Meredith says:

    Beautiful harvest! Villager, I think my goal will be to eventually get as good at growing lettuces as you are. My seedlings don’t look nearly that robust, and those Simpson Elites and Multys are just gorgeous. As for the mustard greens, my Tatsoi plants are just now sprouting… maybe I’ll have something like that in a few weeks. I hope. 🙂

  7. Mike says:

    Very nice blog you have created here. Your pac choi and tatsoi are incredible. As I have very little luck with asian greens (it’s a timing thing) can you tell me when you started those particular ones and if they were grown outdoors or inside? Thanks .

    • Villager says:

      Mike, I’m still working on the timing myself! This pak choi and tatsoi were started indoors in late October, and planted in the greenhouse 3 weeks later (mid-November). Since the greenhouse is only “lightly” heated in the coldest weather, they took a lot longer than normal. However, they were also ready a few weeks ago. I harvested pak choi from that same batch back in January and February, so they’ve all been in sort of holding pattern for a while.

      Now I’m getting ready to replant those beds with seedlings I started 1/27. Those were started indoors under lights and put in the greenhouse to harden off about 2 weeks ago. I’ll try and post about that later in the week.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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