Macro Monday: ET Phone Home

On a recent getaway to Florida with my wife (where we found record cold temperatures awaiting us instead of the warmth we were seeking), I sought out interesting subjects for macro photography. I was looking for objects that might not be all that interesting on their own, but would be unusual when photographed closeup.

Like this one, for instance. The photo doesn’t really reveal much about the subject. It looks metallic and somewhat other-worldly to me, but it doesn’t look like anything familiar.


As it turns out, there’s really nothing extra-terrestrial about it. I doubt aliens would use English as a language or US coins for currency! Can you figure out what it is?


The next photos aren’t macro but reveal the object for what it really is: coin operated binoculars. These binoculars were common at tourist sites everywhere when I was growing up. We found these while touring Ft Desoto park.


It was a cold, gray day but we still found time to play around and find a few photo-ops. When I turned the binoculars around, I thought they resembled a Hollywood version of a space alien. Do you see it too, or do I just have an over-active imagination?


This photo makes it look like they are lined up in a row, staring back at me. It may not have been as warm as I would have liked, but at least I had a good time with my camera!


To see more close ups and macro photography, visit Macro Monday. Or submit your own photos and join in the fun at Lisa’s Chaos.


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15 Responses to Macro Monday: ET Phone Home

  1. Colleen says:

    Sorry that your trip to Florida wasn’t as warm as you hoped. Even so, you got some really neat photos. I’ve seen those pay binoculars before, but they never revealed their faces to me. Now I see it! How funny!

  2. Kim says:

    The first looks like a scale of an alien, can’t really figure it out until I see where those scaly picture came from. And yes those binoculars looks like a happy aliens ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    MacroMonday:Guess what?

  3. Hello Villager,

    What a great eye to pick out something somewhat ordinary and show us a different aspect. I loved it!

  4. Great series of fun photos. Here’s looking at you. Love your sense of humor.

  5. I remember those binoculars from my childhood, they used to be at every attraction. A great series of shots, they do look like aliens. I too love your sense of humor.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Jay says:

    Oh, how funny! I love that last picture with the ‘aliens’ all staring at the camera!

    I wouldn’t have had a chance of guessing that one, since I’ve never seen those things. We had something similar here, but they look completely different! Great puzzle!

  7. Very clever!!!! enjoyed it!!
    Gena @ thinking aloud

  8. Michelle says:

    HA HA! Love the row of space aliens! Great shot!

  9. Jientje says:

    Theu DO look like aliens! This is a very creative post.

  10. Amanda Moore says:

    LOL How funny, I did a macro of one of these viewers but only the side with the knob, I did not thing to show all those great little details like you did! Fantastic! Happy MM!

  11. CameoRoze says:

    That first shot is great. I never would have guess what it was in a million years.

    Lovin’ Macro Monday,
    Cameo @–>–>—

  12. lisaschaos says:

    I did not guess that! Fun! We’re planning a FL trip but are contemplating pushing it off a week or so, we don’t want to be cold when we go. 🙂 HOpe you had fun anyway. :0)

  13. Hi there I would love to know where you got this site template from I adore it!

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