Frosty Morning

The calendar may say different, but winter has arrived here at Happy Acres. This morning the temperature got down to 19F, and everything was covered in a blanket of frost. I ran out before breakfast, camera in hand, to get a few photos before the sun melted the beautiful displays. The photos below show what I found.

The lamb’s ear was even whiter than usual.


Lamb’s Ears

This oak leaf was pretty in the front yard, even though we don’t have any oak trees!

oak leaf

The yew was lovely with delicate frost crystals looking as if they were etched on the needles.


This stone was etched also, but not by frost.

Happy Acres stone

The green onions were frozen, but still pretty.

green onions

The Salvia coccinea was still blooming like crazy.

Salvia coccinea Lady In Red

This red pepper escaped harvest. It’s seen better days.

red pepper

It’s time to put the Big Blue watering can up for the season. We won’t be needing it any more until spring.

empty watering can

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4 Responses to Frosty Morning

  1. Thank you for showing so many examples of how beautiful frost can be. I just love how it looks on the tiny hairs of the Lamb’s Ears.

  2. Gail says:

    Your photos are luscious and so is the granola recipe in your previous post! gail

  3. I love the look of frost, though I don’t tolerate the cold air very well. Your photos are lovely. We had our first frost this morning, and snow in Birmingham, just a few miles north of us. The trees on my way to work were frosted . Beautiful!

  4. Nancy Bond says:

    Your photos are lovely! It certainly does look chilly. We’re receiving our first real snowfall of the season here in Nova Scotia today. 🙂

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