We Have a New Roomie

My wife has another gadget. She told me about it couple of weeks ago. I first thought she said “I’d like a Rumba”. I told her I’d never learned how. She said “no, I mean Roomba. It’s a cleaning robot”. I must admit I was intrigued. Anything that promised to help clean up around Happy Acres was worth looking into.

I’m sorry to say neither my wife nor I were born with the “cleaning gene”. I’m perfectly happy cooking, doing dishes, washing clothes, or any outdoor work – but house cleaning is not my forte. Frankly, I’d rather be gardening! Or reading. Or blogging. Or having a root canal. Anything but CLEANING!

With three inside cats, just cleaning up the loose cat hair could be a full time job for someone. This Roomba would have its work cut out for it! We both could hardly wait to see how the cats reacted to their new roomie. Would they chase it? Or would they go hide under the couch? The initial reaction was curiosity.

Shel and Puddin

Shel and Puddin’ meet Roomba

So far it has done a pretty good job of cleaning the dining room and bedroom. The living room is going to take several more sessions , since the five of us spend so much time there and it *is* one of the messiest rooms. Frankly, I was concerned it might motor in there and just throw up its arms and admit defeat…but then, it doesn’t have any arms, unlike Rosie the Maid on the Jetsons. Little Roomba happily cleans under things and around them, and also cleans edges and corners. It returns to its docking station when it’s done. I’m impressed.

Roomba, on the job

Roomba, on the job

And even though Roomba is seemingly genderless, wifey thinks it’s a man (no doubt fulfilling some sort of fantasy cleaning husband wish). However, I’m not so sure. See, when it talks it has a woman’s voice. And that’s all I’m going to say about that!

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  1. Less time vacuuming, more time (theoretically) in the garden. That works for me. I’d be interested in your follow-up post after a few weeks of Roombaing.

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