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Weighing In

The year isn’t nearly over yet, but our experiment this year of weighing all our harvests has proven to be a real eye opener. This week we hit the 800 pound mark, which is a lot of food anyway you … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday: Overdrive

The garden seemed to go into overdrive this week. The kitchen island has been loaded up every day with goodies from the garden, and the freezer is filling up fast. The blueberries and blackberries are hitting their peak, even as … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday: Garlic, Squash, and a Marsupial

When I went to check on the garlic beds yesterday I was shocked to find that some of it was ready to be dug. It’s exactly two weeks before I started digging last year, but then I remembered that I … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday: June Bounty

I do love this time of year in the garden, when the fruit is ripening and both spring and summer veggies are in the harvest bucket. Last week we enjoyed the last of the spring strawberries along with the first … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday: Green & Red

The harvests last week seemed to mostly involve the colors green and red. In the green camp we had: Arugula Garlic Scapes Lettuce The broccoli was bluish-green In the red zone we had: Cherries Strawberries The radicchio harvest seemed to … Continue reading

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