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October This and That

I have a few odds and ends I’ve been wanting to share, so I decided to lump them all together here today. First up – I have several non-hardy plants growing behind the greenhouse. I have a two year old … Continue reading

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Planting Green Garlic

In the last several years I have become a big fan of green garlic. For those not familiar with it, green garlic is sort of a baby garlic that is harvested early in the season before it is fully mature. … Continue reading

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Growing Peppers in Containers

This is another installment about growing vegetables in containers. Click on Gardening Tutorials to see more in the series. I love growing peppers. There is such a wide selection of sizes, colors and shapes, not to mention flavors and levels … Continue reading

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Monday Recap: Marching In

Now that March is here I am happy to say goodbye to February. It has been a dreary, cold and disagreeable month, and I am thinking March could only be an improvement! It will be a busy month for me … Continue reading

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Saturday Spotlight: Spearmint ‘The Best’

I love mints of all kinds, and over the years I have managed to collect quite an assortment of them. I grow all these mints in containers, since I learned years ago that mint was too unruly to plant in … Continue reading

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