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Cold Frames in December

Using cold frames is one of my favorite ways to extend the growing season here at Happy Acres. I’ve been using cold frames for a long time, and the design has changed as my needs and intended use for them … Continue reading

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Planting For Fall and Winter

The seedlings I started a few weeks ago have been growing in the greenhouse, and it’s now time to start getting them planted in the greenhouse and cold frame beds. I’ve got lettuce, spinach, arugula, cilantro, mizspoona and a bit … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: The Dark Side

Every once in a while it’s fun to show things that aren’t exactly going well in the garden. I’ll start with the hosta in the Shade Garden. Around here we call it ‘deer lettuce’, since the local deer seem to … Continue reading

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Kitchen Garden in May

Today I thought I would do an update on the area I call the kitchen garden. I call it that because it’s close to the house and with easy access to the kitchen, unlike the main garden area that is … Continue reading

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Monday Recap: Speared, Sowed and Bolted

Every year about April my wife and I begin our annual Asparagus Watch. What we’re watching for are the first signs of the spears shooting up out of the ground. That’s the beginning of asparagus season, and this year it … Continue reading

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