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Homemade: Coffee Lip Balm

You can easily size the recipe to fit the container(s) you have. For example, the oval tubes I use each hold .15 oz/4.25g. I like to work in grams for the small amount I usually make, so if I want to fill 4 tubes then I need to make at least 17g of lip balm. I’ll round up to 20g, which means I need 4g of beeswax, 8g of cocoa butter and 8g of coffee infused oil. An electronic kitchen scale is just the ticket for a project like this, and ours gets used all the time. You can also make a little bigger batch and pour any extra into a glass jar for later use. When you need to refill your tubes or tins you can pop the glass jar into the microwave then melt and pour.

Various essential oils can be used in lip balms if they are food grade, but I think they would obscure the coffee flavor for this one. However, if a vanilla latte is your favorite drink, there are vanilla flavor oils available from several sources (including MMS and Bramble Berry) that can be added. I have also seen recipes that call for cocoa absolute, but that does not blend in fixed oils and therefore isn’t a good choice for a lip balm. Powdered stevia can be used to add a touch of sweetness. You could also add a drop or two of vitamin E if you have it, which will be good for your lips. And after all, this recipe is pretty much all about being good to your lips!

Coffee Lip Balm
A Happy Acres original

1 part Beeswax – 4 grams
2 parts solid butter (cocoa or shea) – 8 grams
2 parts coffee infused oil (coconut, olive or sweet almond) – 8 grams

Weigh all ingredients in small glass measuring cup. Melt by sitting measuring cup in pan of gently boiling water, or microwave at 50% power. Stir until all ingredients are melted, then pour into containers.

Let cool thoroughly before using. Lip balm should keep for about a year, depending on the oils used and how fresh they were to begin with.

NOTE: The consistency of this lip balm may vary depending on the outside temperature. Also, if you prefer a firmer lip balm, add a tad more beeswax. If you want a softer and more oily lip balm, either reduce the beeswax or increase the amount of oil.