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French Green Clay Soap

The recipe that follows is for a 450 grams/1 pound batch size (oil weight). It can easily be scaled up for larger batches. We chose to add Tea Tree essential oil to this one at the rate of 1 Tbsp/lb of oils, which is about 3% of the oil weight. Tea tree EO is generally considered safe and non-irritating for most people when used externally. The powdered French green clay is also added at the rate of 1 Tbsp/lb of oils. Though we used green clay and tea tree EO, this base recipe could certainly be used for other combinations of clays and essential oils. I can see using the green clay with lemongrass and rosemary EOs in the future, perhaps with a bit of dried ground rosemary leaves added.

This soap includes Shea Butter for its moisturizing qualities. It also makes for a harder bar of soap, with a stable, creamy lather. We use a small amount (up to 5%) of Castor oil in most all of our soaps for its moisturizing and lathering properties. Please refer to the cold process instructions here [1] if you are new to making soap. Always take the proper safety precautions (we wear rubber gloves and goggles when mixing and making the soap).

French Green Clay Soap
(A Happy Acres original)

Olive Oil – 135 grams (30%)

Coconut Oil – 135 grams (30%)

Palm Oil – 112.5 grams (25%)

Shea Butter – 45 grams (10%)

Castor Oil – 22.5 grams (5%)

Distilled Water – 171 grams

Lye – 63 gramsĀ  (7% superfat)

1 Tbsp of French green clay, incorporated in a small amount of soap mix at very light trace, then added back to soap mix and blended well.

1 Tbsp tea tree essential oil, added at trace.

We ran this recipe through a soap/lye calculator, and you should always run your recipes too before making them. This one at SoapCalc [2] is our favorite.

NOTE: This soap is superfatted/discounted at 7%