Meet Dusty

There’s a new kid in town here at Happy Acres. And his name is Dusty. We went to the shelter last Friday and picked him out. Isn’t he a handsome young guy?

Dusty up on top of antique wardrobe (click on any image to enlarge)

After we lost first Shel, and then Sidd last year, we knew we would eventually look for another kitty to keep Puddin company. But we decided to wait until after we got back from Hawaii. And finally, Friday was the day!

Dusty on perch

There are always too many animals to choose from at the shelters. After spending some time visiting all the available kitties, we spied Dusty. My wife sat down, and he jumped up in her lap and started rubbing on her. That was all it took!

Dusty on fireplace mantel

Dusty was obviously someone’s pet at one time. He is neutered and front declawed, as well as being quite tame. He has a gentle, loving nature. We think that someone found him wandering around near US 41 on the south side of Evansville. They estimated him to be 2 years old, but we suspect he is a bit younger. He’s a little skinny now, but he should fill out now that he’s on the HA feeding program.

Dusty has lots of toys

Puddin was quite hissy with him for the first two days, but as of this morning they are running around the house like two little banshees, playing and getting to know each other. Puddin always got along great with Sidd and Shel, and we had no doubts she would warm to Dusty once she got to know him.

Dusty and Puddin rub noses

I’m predicting they will have lots of fun in the days and years to come. And since she is now playing the role of ‘older female’, and he’s a younger male, she can raise him up like she wants him! You can bet I’ll be sharing more photos and stories in the future.

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