Harvest Monday: June Bounty

I do love this time of year in the garden, when the fruit is ripening and both spring and summer veggies are in the harvest bucket. Last week we enjoyed the last of the spring strawberries along with the first of the blueberries and black raspberries. This is our first taste of the black raspberries we planted last year, and they will be a welcome addition to our mix of berries.

Joining the veggie harvest this week was cabbage and zucchini, which both made their way to the table. I simmered the cabbage with a little of our local bacon for seasoning, while the Surething zucchini wound up on the grill. I’m guessing it won’t be the last zucchini we see!

I also got the first couple of cucumbers from the greenhouse plantings. This variety is Sharon 59, which was bred to do well in the greenhouse in cooler temps. I think that trait helped it get off to an early start, though the temps are plenty hot in there now.

It’s a nice size at 1-1/2″x7″, with tender skin and no seeds. It went into the greek salad in the photo below.

I harvested about 2 pounds of lettuce, which not only went into the greek salad but was also tasty in this wilted lettuce salad my wife made.

We also harvested broccoli, radicchio, scallions and a few more garlic scapes. The total haul for the week was a little over 23 pounds.

Not included in the totals was this young raccoon, which we ‘harvested’ while trying to catch a rabbit that has been seen eyeing the veggie patch. Rocky Jr was relocated to our little critter retirement village several miles away. The rabbit is still at large.

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